Economics Assignment Help

Economics Assignment Help

Definition of Economics

Economics is closely linked with science as it involves all the features of science. It analyzes various features such as manufacturing, allocation and expenditures of services and merchandize. Economics helps us in explaining how economy works and how buyers and seller interact in a market. Economics Assignment Help is one of the major requirements of all students studying economics as it contains various theories and sometimes it becomes very tough to understand.It is concerned with theory of production, distribution, Consumption and services.

Economics is also closely linked with Study of theory of behaviors of the people within the market and about how they try to achieve their goals such as minimizing expenditures and trying to maximize their sales for increasing their profit and maintaining equilibrium in demand and supply.

Economics can be categorized into two main areas depending upon the size of the economy.  The distinction between these two areas is that Microeconomics focusses on bigger aspect and Microeconomics focuses on smaller aspect. Economics is the Study of Human Activities in relation to wealth. There are several concepts and definitions of Economics from wealth oriented definition to Growth Oriented definitions.   Economics has been derived from the Greek Word i.e. Oikos and Nomos. Oikos means House and Nomos means Managers. Collectively, the term Economics can be summarized as the Study of Prudent Management of One’s Household affairs.

To explain and clarify What Economics fairly deals can be explained with the help of an Example

Suppose, an Expert at asks a Student that why do you go to School, University?  The answer would be very Simple and Straight that for the purpose of Studying. The questions that an Expert of Coursework tutors would be following up next would be “Why”?  Here, the next question that an expert will follow up to the Student and his friend is that your wish might be to become a CPA and some of your Friends wish might be to become a Doctor, or an Engineer or Sociologist and the Students might agree with that.  It is also possible that all of the Friends desire is to become a CPA or an Engineer. In that Case also, Experts at Courseworktutors, com will again ask the same question, “Why”?  Experts assume that in this case, Student would be left with only one Answer that we wish to become CPA, or an engineer, Sociologist, “To Earn money in order to fulfill various needs of life and to live in peace and Comfort”.  Thus tries to figure out that the Present Activity i.e. Studying is directly linked with the desire of fulfilling and satisfying your Future wants and leading a happy and Comfortable life. This also give us one more definitions of Economics as, “The activities of earning and Spending money and the Subject which deals with all these activities is known as Economics. Economics is the Study of Human Activities in relation to Wealth.”

Activities Involved in Economics

There are two types of Activities which are involved in economics that can be summarized as follows:

  1. Economic Activities :  Activities performed for earning money are known as Economics Activities
  2. Non-Economic Activities: Activities performed for Pleasure, affection , Out of love or any other activity where money is not involved can be summarized as Non-Economic Activities .

Students generally face issues with respect to activities of Economics and Courseworktutors help them to understand the Concept of activities of Economics Assignment help in a detailed manner.

Areas of Economics

  • Macroeconomics: Macroeconomics is that part of Economics which is concerned with large scale factors and general economic factors, such as National Income, National Productivity, Interest Rates, and Inflation etc.
  • Microeconomics: Microeconomics is that part of economics which is concerned with single factors and it deals with Micro level and effects of individual decisions.
  • International Economics: International Economics Studies concepts of goods and services which are beyond the boundary of Crossways International limits. It includes the concept of International trade and also covers aspects like dimensions and Sharing of gains after trade. It includes flows of money across different countries and the resulting affects that can have on the economy as a whole. 

Modern Concepts of Economics

In the modern Century, Several Economists refer it as the Study of business affairs in general.  Varies Economists like Adam Smith, Alfred Marshall, Robin and Samuelson Stated that Economics is the utilization of scarce means, having alternate uses, for achieving multiple ends. Modern Concepts of Economics explains how to use scarce resources to One’s best advantage.  This Concepts can be Summarized with the help of an example:  A person has a limited amount of Cash but his desire is to buy many things but he cannot buy them all. He must, therefore, choose what to buy and what not to buy. Thus, “Economics can also be defined as a Science of Choice When faced with Scarce Means and Unlimited Ends. ”

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Other Economics Assignment Help Topics at Courseworktutors

Courseworktutors provides Economics homework help in all categories as mentioned above. Some of the special  topics where we provide services are as follows:-

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Economics Assignment Help and Economics Homework Help

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