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What Words or Phrases Should You Use to Increase the Quality of Your Essay?

Essay writing is an intellectual exercise for most students. Regardless of his or her brand of excellence – be it Physics, English or any other, it allows them to shine and craft their thoughtful arguments in a restrictive word limit.

If you like voicing your creativity into a readable substance, then like most, you will also want to make it better than your last essay. How do you do it…? Simple, by taking up help from the best essay writing service providers!

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As a student, he or she may clearly ask, – What are the proper words or phrases to include in order to increase their essay quality and value? Well, with these online professional essay writing agencies, students can learn everything about framing impressive essays.

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Here are some tips to ponder upon:

  1. Using Good and Relatable Vocabulary

One of the main criterions of framing impressive essays is using proper vocabulary. Rather than using long, rambling words, it is better to use simple words in to the point sentences which convey the message concisely.

Referring to some essay samples from professional agencies will help clear this matter all the more. It is alright to follow your own writing style as that is something which is natural to everyone. However, the point to note here is to be precise and not be stuck in between the two poles of wrongness – over complication and vagueness.

  1. Making the Right Choice of Words

Apart from mastering the fundamentals of grammar, punctuation and flow of sentence, a student also needs to needs to choose the right words.

  1. Incorporating a variety of words in the essay –

Everyone has a habit of choosing particular words in their write-ups. He or she may be comfortable with specific words and that makes him/her use that many times in separate stanzas.

Example – if you have a habit of using ‘excellent,’ then you should make a conscious effort to replace it with other words such as outstanding, tremendous, wonderful, etc. in the whole article.

(A Note – even when replacing words, be sure to use those which most people recognize. Don’t fly off the handle and use a word like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Very few will understand it.)

  1. Using Specific Phrases Instead Of Generic Ones –

Many students also tend to use generic words such as they, she/he, it, etc. Though it is alright to use it in sentences, including specific names (of the person/object) makes the essay more interesting to read.

  • Using Strong verbs –

Another easy way to improve the quality of an essay is to use interesting and specific verb phrases. Take for example – ‘I Ran for Shelter…’ can also be written as ‘I Sprinted for Shelter.’  There is nothing wrong in converting linking verbs into actionable verbs. Referring to online professional essay samples will convey this very suggestion with more relatable examples.

  1. Lastly, Writing In an Audience Friendly Language

When choosing particular words or phrases for the essay, students should keep in kind their target audience. Like, for instance, someone is crafting an essay for his/her psychological topic. Then, it is adequate to include words such as Self-Actualization, Operant Conditioning, Compartmentalization, etc. However, these words might not do justice to an essay on any topic from literature.

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