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You are not the only one who finds financial accounting hard!
Scholars most of the times have confusion with all the accounting rules, making the subject difficult for them. To avoid this situation, one should know certain ways which would help one comprehend this subject easily.
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However, before that, check out the 3 effective ways below.
1.  Basic accounting terms
Some vital basic terms which one should always keep in mind are:
  • The accounting equation is double-entry system’s basis where assets equal stakeholders’ equity and liabilities.
  • Balance sheet refers to a financial report which shows gust of assets and liabilities.
  • Cash flow statement provides the balance between cash amount earned and expenditure incurred.
  • Double entry bookkeeping is documentation of each transaction in two or more accounts.
  • Journal entry is recording every financial trade in chronological order.
2.  Getting the basic concept clear
The basic concepts of accounting which one should know include the business entity, money measurement, dual aspect, cost, going concern, accounting year, etc.  
Let’s check these concepts in brief.
In business entity notion, a person should treat the owner and his/her business separately regarding financial trade.
Money measurement refers to those money transactions which are documented in accounting, though other transaction should be kept separately.
Dual aspect is where a debt is there for every credit. Transaction recording is said to be accomplished only with dual aspect.
Recording a company’s fixed assets on basis of original price in first accounting year is cost concept. Subsequently, subtracting the depreciation assets is documented. This concept applies just to a firm’s fixed assets.
In going concern method, a business assumes that it will continue for a long time as well as carry out all obligations and commitments. So, this means that it will not stop functioning forcefully and also liquidate assets.
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3.  Accounting conventions one should know
4 main conventions are equally essential as the concepts. They are consistency, conservatism, full disclosure, and materiality.
  1. Consistency uses same principles of accounting from one period to next accounting cycle so that one applies the same standard for calculating loss as well as profit.
  2. This convention of conservatism helps to record a transaction of lower value when two transaction values are available.
  3. Full disclosure offers data revelation both detrimental and favorable to a company.
  4. Materiality refers to the recording of all materials in accounting.
However, apart from these 3 ways, another way through which one can understand financial accounting easily is by taking expert help.  
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So, having a grasp of all these ways will help an individual understand financial accounting subject easily.

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