How to Create an Impressive Research Paper Writing Format?

Students studying at a higher academic level – say, a college or a university, will likely be asked to concoct research papers. In many ways, a research paper starts like a movie trailer. It should include a preview and illuminate all the essential points to help readers (in your case your prof) to decide whether it’s actually worth going through it.

So, if you are seeking answers regarding– How to Create an Impressive Research Paper Format, the answer lies in gathering all those crucial data, plots and tables!

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Barebones of an Impressive Research Paper:

In order to convey your topic’s importance and persuade your readers of your research paper’s truthfulness and accuracy, you need to make an outline of your write-up. This will serve as your point by point plan and simplify your research paper writing task considerably.

Pre Writing Outline:  

  1. You Will Need To Select An Appropriate Topic – In this case, it is suggestive to stick to your title and assignment sheet given by your professor. If you have the freedom to choose your own topic, then always select the one which works to your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Pick one which is interesting both to you as well as to your readers.


  1. Determining Your Argument – After topic selection, you need to determine what sort of argument you want to present in support of your write-up. Simply put, you need to figure out the motto of your thesis statement.


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  1. Organizing References and Defining your Readers – These are 2 must dos’ for creating your research paper outline. While writing, a student needs to keep in mind his audience. This implies to the style, tone and words he uses for the research paper write-ups.

Furthermore, he also needs to organize references of his thesis statement and the research he has conducted. With these references serving as evidence of his write up, the research paper will seem more reader-friendly.

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Rudimentary Outline:  

A proper thesis will consist of 3 main sections.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

For The Perfect Introduction, You Will Need To Include

  • A hook which is a small summary of your research paper. It will compel the readers to go through the project.
  • Explaining the audience why he or she is your target group is also something you need to include in your intro.

Your Thesis Body –

It is the main part of a thesis paper and consists of no limitation in volume. Every bit of evidence gathered through research should come here. The paragraphing and spacing should also be something students need to keep in mind. Plus, they also need to focus on the explanation style.

Lastly, the Conclusion

  • Argument Summation: Here, students need to put up their strongest arguments. The trick is to keep it short, crisp and to the point. Don’t go for in-depth explanations as that is already present in the body.
  • Call to Action: This marks the end of the research paper and here is where students need to give out a message to their readers. Be it a call for some discussion or some particular action; choose the message as well as the words thoughtfully.

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