Autism education: technology & beyond


Autism can be of many forms. One of the common forms of autism is non-verbal autism where an individual lacks the ability to communicate normally. With such kind of autism, an individual is also less intelligent compared to a normal person. Other common kinds of autism are non-visual and lack of social interactive skills. In non-visual condition, an individual lacks the ability of clear vision. Most of the autistic persons are afraid of getting social. They get annoyed and start to throw things here and there.

You would be astounded to know that about 1 in 68 student falls under the autism spectrum. But thank to the advancement of technology in the field of teaching autism pupils. The improvement of technology has helped many parents to embrace this unfortunate inherent condition. In many countries, you will find special schools with special technology-based classrooms for educating autism students, online education agency like tuition agency Singapore. In such classrooms, you won’t find any whiteboard but you will find a big sized screen that will show bright colorful images for the autistic students to interact.

Not only this, there are researchers out there doing more and more research trying to find out the cause of such an unpredictable condition. The researchers are publishing their thesis help for the betterment of the autistic peoples. In the very near future, the technology might give us the gift of hunting down the faulty gene and edit it. But for now, we have certain cool techs to help educate the autistic students.

  1. Assistive technologies

If you are looking for a single source where you can find various assistive technologies then TechMatrix is the one. This company has been sponsored by the national center of technology innovation and the center for implementing technology education. TechMatrix acts as a medium between parents, teachers and the resources of all subject areas.

  1. Verbal skill improvement with the aid of scene displays

As mentioned earlier, one of the common kind of autism is the lack of verbal skill. According to Autism Speaks, about 25 percent of people who have autism are non-verbal. To educate someone it is essential to communicate. To help solve the communication gap between the teacher and the non-verbal student there are apps being developed. Scene speak and speech with Milo are two great apps for this purpose. In such kind of app, a student creates a line of text or a story with pictures that are then translated when shared with another person.

  1. Social skills developed with technology

Modern research shows that a student who takes part in STEM programs tends to be more socially interactive than the one who did not take such program. Such kind of program opens up a common point of discussion between the student and the teacher or someone else of similar interest. Thus, encouraging an autistic student to open up and put forward his point of view regarding a topic.

  1. Flipping a traditional classroom with a technological one

It would be very unwise to provide traditional education to autism students. Research shows that autistic students tend to perform better with digital devices like iPad. Every autistic student is different, so they do not do well in a social setting because of this a teacher must rely more on technology rather than a social setting. They feel secure when they are not around many students. To sustain a conversation with a teacher with a student there are special apps that are beyond the text-to-speech apps. One such kind of app is iRewardChart. These kinds of app help a teacher to set goals for individual students on their iPad and then once the goal is achieved the student will get a reward. In this way, a teacher can grow the social behavior in an autistic student.


No matter how advanced technology is out there for educating and taking care of autistic children, it is love only that can go beyond technology and help to shape the future of autism students. There is a saying that “love can give life to a stone”. In some Asian countries like India, some parents are ashamed to have autistic children and send them to special schools forever. This kind of behavior is not acceptable at all from the parents of such unfortunate children. It is not their fault that they are not like the normal kids. Government is trying to create awareness in the society by releasing thoughtful videos and different lessons on how to handle an autism child. All they need is love and care!

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